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Organization's History

The US Training Council, is a small privately owned business (entrepreneur) that was founded by David Probert in 1980 USTC Hall of Fame.  When Dave established this organization, he began providing CPR & First Aid training / certification to Childcare Providers, Kennecott, and other Government agencies, of which we still have a long-standing business relationship with. 


Over the past 35 years our Organization has evolved.  By browsing our website, you will find more information and details.

As a entrepreneur we offer the following services:

  • American Heart Association programs; Training Center training / certification.
  • Neonatal Resusciation Program - NRP
  • CLIA Waived Drug Testing Site (coming fall 2015)
  • Phlebotomy Clinic program (coming fall 2015)
  • Pharmaceutical products distributor - licensed and insured - State of Utah.    Order by FAX only.






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What makes our training services unique and different from our competitors:

  • We conduct courses at our training center facility, near downtown Salt Lake City, Monday - Friday.
  • Flexible scheduling. However, we do encourage in advanced scheduling when possible.
  • We are also willing to offer these courses on-site at your Workplace facility.
  • We use cutting edge technology so that our courses are FUN and very informative (2010 Guidelines)!
  • We offer our trainings in a timely manner and at an affordable price.



Our affiliation and alignment with AHA


Back in August 2003, the US Training Council re-aligned with the American Heart Association Emergency Cardiovascular Care as an official authorized "Training Center".

All of our instructors have 15+ years of combined experience (even first hand experience with real life emergency situations). Our instructors are very knowledgeable, qualified and authorized to conduct American Heart training courses.

We at the US Training Council work together as a team to continue to provide you with the best services possible.

Our instructors have a passion for sharing their knowledge & skills to help educate all students & general public who participate in a course. Our instructors want to make sure that every student is properly trained according to the 2010 ECC Guidelines. We feel that being properly trained is very critical.

With 30 plus years of combined experience, our instructors have empowered Utahans with life saving knowledge, skills and certification needed for employment requirements. If any unexpected emergency situation were to occur, our instructors are confident that the students who have been trained are ready to respond.  Our Organization was founded in 1980.  USTC Hall of Fame.

We strongly believe and support the American Heart Association guidelines and standards for CPR & First Aid.  We believe that our affiliation with the AHA has been very beneficial for the training services that we offer. 


We are dedicated to helping educate the community with learning vital lifesaving skills. 



We support the following American Heart Association programs.  Click on any image for more details.





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