For the last and final STEP of this process, you will need to meet with an authorized Instructor for your skills demo, in order for you to receive your official certification card.

Welcome NEW Instructor Candidates!

  • AHA Instructors Network registration instructions (YouTube): click here

  • Please scroll down in order to read all of the details involved with becoming an Instructor.

  • Becoming an Instructor


    • Pre-qualifications and Prerequisites
    • Course Fees
    • Attend DEVELOPMENT training course (presented by US Training Council). Your Instrutors status is only valid for 2 years, then if you want to continue teaching, you must renew (every 2 years).
    • Training Equipment

    AHA Instructor Program Components:

    • You MUST attend our DEVELOPMENT training course (presented by US Training Council).
    • You MUST complete the ESSENTIALS PROGRAM (Continuing Education Credit / Continuing Medical Education Accreditation)
    • You MUST be mentored (observered) by a member of Training Center Management


    How often is this DEVELOPMENT trainnig course offered by the US Training Council?

    • We offer the DEVELOPMENT training courses on a monthly basis. 
    • Please contact us for when our next course will be held.
    • NOTE: Orientation is not a pre-recorded automated interactive web-based course. Sorry.

    Once a candidate has completed all of these requirements listed above and below, then he/she becomes an official certified and authorized American Heart Instructor for the time period of two (2) years.  At this point in time if the Instructor chooses to renew, then he/she will be required to attend a RENEWAL course in person.

    STEP 1

    Pre-qualifications for Instructor Candidate

    • You MUST be motivated to teach
    • You MUST be motivated to facilitate learning
    • You MUST be motivated to ensure that students acquire the skills necessary for successful course completion
    • You MUST be educated and knowledgeable about all the latest Guidelines
    • Any prior medical background (RN, LPN, MA, CNA, EMT or First Responder) experience is very helpful, and views student assessment as a way to improve individual knowledge and skills.


    You must already be trained and certified in every AHA course that you desire to Teach!


    Listing of every level of training / discipline offered:

    • Heartsaver CPR
    • Heartsaver AED
    • Heartsaver First Aid
    • Heartsaver Family & Friends First Aid
    • Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid
    • Heartsaver CPR in Schools
    • Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens


    • BLS for Healthcare Providers
    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
    • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
    • Neonatal Resusitation Program (NRP)

    STEP 2


    • Renewal Heartsaver Instructor: $325.00 - per person
    • NEW Heartsaver Instructor: $375.00 - per person
    • Renewal BLS Instructor: $325.00 - per person
    • NEW BLS Instructor: $350.00 - per person
    • Price is subject to change without further notice.
    • We are happy to discuss the possibility of group rate discounts.
    • Feel free to give us a call or email us. We will be more than happy to provide you with a price addendum breakdown, which explains in detail, the course fee for our Instructors' program.


    • If you need to RENEW your PROVIDERS status at the same time as your Instructorship, that will be an additional cost, per level / course;

                 *Heathcare provider level: $60.00. 

                 *Heartsaver provider levels: $40.00 (per course).  Refer to STEP 1 under prerequisites.


    • Instructors status is only valid for two (2) years!!  Then you must attend a renewal course in person.


    NOTE: We have recently enforced a NEW Policy; which is if you are paying for this course on your own, meaning that your employer isn't cover it for you, then according to our new policy, we require a pre-payment of at least $100.00 that is non-refundable.  

    STEP 3

    Orientation Course:

    During the course

    • You will need to register, by signing a course roster
    • You will receive a packet, containing master copies of handouts!
    • You will receive information about the NEW ESSENTIALS program, which is now a requirement to complete.
    • All participants will be required to fill out Instructors Candidate Application form.
    • We are now having ALL Instructors sign a "two (2) year written agreement & non - clause / non- disclosure form" !
    • We present the most current Instructors training videos!
    • We do take about a 30 minute lunch break.
    • We present the most current Videos that you will teach with!
    • Every participant will be required to give a 2 - 5 minute presentation on CPR or First Aid, in front of the group.
    • We have every participant pair off in groups of 2 or 3 for remeditation, which we will explain what involved when you attend the course.
    • Finally, after 3 - 4 hours have passed, we answer any final questions and then dismiss.
    • Courtesy of the American Heart Association, they provide (free of charge) all Instructors with; written exams, course rosters and promotional material!

    *PLEASE contact our Training Center Management for more information or to register for our next upcoming course.

    STEP 4


    American Heart Association and US Training Council have a "DRESS CODE" of conduct.  As you will become an authorized representative for both the AHA and our Training Center, when you conduct ECC courses, wearing professional attire is an absolute MUST!

    However, if you work in the Hospital, Clinic or Dental Office setting and you are dealing with your own internal staff, then wearing "Scrubs" is acceptable when conducting courses.

    STEP 5 (FINAL)


    Please check out our online store (must be registered and verified to gain access): Online Store Volusion


    Membership PENDING 24 hours VALIDATION.

    NOTE: American Heart Asssociation has never loaned out and/or rented training equipment. Regardless if an Instructor teaches courses independently and /or for a company, they are expected to invest in their own training equipment.

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