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The Neonatal Resuscitation Program is an educational program that introduces the concepts and basic skills of neonatal resuscitation.  Completion of the program does not imply that an individual has the competence to perform neonatal resuscitation.  Each hospital is responsible for determining the level of competence and qualifications required for someone to assume clinical responsibility for neonatal resuscitation.

This course has been designed to teach an evidence-based approach to resuscitation of the newborn. The causes, prevention, and management of mild to severe neonatal asphyxia are carefully explained so that health professionals may develop optimal knowledge and skill in resuscitation.


  • Most of the studies reported data only for babies who were born alive; further, some studies only report outcomes for those babies who were resuscitated and admitted to neonatal units.
  • Institutional definitions of “born alive” may have varied among the studies, and there were likely inconsistencies in the aggressiveness with which babies with estimated gestational ages <26 weeks  were resuscitated in the different study populations.
  • Much of the mortality data and all of the morbidity data are derived from babies who were born over a decade ago, when the techniques, resources, and philosophy concerning resuscitation and management of ELBW babies were different than they are today.
  • Most of the studies reflect data from babies born in facilities with comprehensive resuscitation resources and personnel who had been recently trained in optimum resuscitation techniques.
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How long does this course last?

1- Skills Pass Off (Online Testing)...........
1 hour
2- I am renewing........................................
2 - 4 hours
3- I am taking this course for the first time
4 - 6 hours

**If you successfully pass this course, you will receive a certification card, while at the course!  Guaranteed!


  • PA / MD Course Fee: $155.00 - per person
  • Nurses Course Fee: $155.00 - per person

  • EMTI Course Fee: $80.00


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NRP 6th edition Textbook

On page 111, question 27 reads, “Discontinue assisted ventilation when the heart rate is above 100 breaths per minute and the baby is breathing.”  This should read, “Discontinue assisted ventilation when the heart rate is above 100 beats per minute and the baby is breathing.” - August 11, 2011

On page 301 in the advanced Integrated Skills Station, in the 6th and 9th boxes down in the right column, the details list “Epinephrine 1:10,000 (0.1 mg/kg).”  This should read, “Epinephrine 1:10,000 (0.1 mg/mL).” - August 11, 2011

Written Exam

  • For the Neonatal Resucitation Program (NRP) level, there is a written exam (Multi-Choice) of which you will be required to pass with at least 84%


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